10 Tips To Enhance Your Recruiting Process

Whether recruiting is one of the many hats you wear or you have a full-time recruiter on staff, finding the right people to join your organization is challenging. As the available labor pool shrinks, it becomes that much more difficult to find top talent and stay ahead of your competition.

Check out these tips to not only make the recruiting process easier on your organization, but to enhance the candidate experience, as well.

1. Go mobile.

Candidates of all generations are using mobile devices for job searches, because it’s convenient. Millennials are most likely to do so, but almost 50 percent of baby boomers are using mobile devices for searches. Make sure that your website, your job ads, and your job postings are all mobile-friendly.

2. Make applying easy.

People don’t want to spend a lot of time filling out an application or answering several questions. Have a simple way for them to submit their resume and fill out their basic information. You can get the rest of the detailed information later on in the process.

3. Develop a brand script.

A brand script is a concise description of your culture and employer brand. Teach it to all of your managers. This allows everyone to share the same vision and to communicate a consistent brand message.

4. Focus on the candidate’s experience.

Think of your current recruitment process through the eyes of the candidate. Is it difficult? Complicated? Nerve-racking? You may need to change your process to cater it to the candidate, keeping them involved and informed every step of the way.

5. Use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Using and Applicant Tracking System, like our OasisIS, will help you keep track of everyone that has applied for open positions. And, you’ll stay organized and on top of things, so that no one is confused and falls through the cracks.

6. Keep an eye on the market.

Know what your competitors are doing and how you can differentiate yourself from the market. This one is important, because standing out from everybody else is essential if you want to recruit top talent. Pinpoint the area where you are the strongest, or stronger than everybody else, and focus on that.

7. Hire internally.

Identify leadership gaps and/or strong internal candidates within your organization. This is a great way to keep your current talent engaged and motivated. Being known as an organization that hires internally can also help you attract more top talent, and keep your current employees around longer.

8. Know your negotiation terms.

Be mindful of what you can offer when you negotiate with a candidate (time off, signing bonus, perks, salary, benefits, flexibility). This will help shorten the recruiting cycle, and it also gives the candidate peace of mind sooner, since they won’t have to wait as long for an answer.

9. Utilize referrals.

This one is a big one that sometimes people don’t think about. Referrals can be a huge boost to your company, so it’s a good idea to have a referral program in place, where you ask your candidates and current employees for referrals, and have some kind of reward or bonus in place for them. This can grow your organization, and also keep your employees motivated.

10. Get social.

Be involved in online talent communities to help people find jobs and share ideas. With social media dominating everything these days, it’s not a surprise that there are many online talent communities out there for people to join. It’s not a bad idea to join some and share some job postings that the group may be interested in. It’s a good place to recruit for top talent, while also learning new trends and information.

Which of these 10 tips could help your organization?

Katie Roth

Katie Roth has been in a leadership role in the employment industry for the majority of her career. Currently, she is Manager, Talent Acquisition for Oasis, a Paychex® Company. Katie is a graduate of the University of Iowa and is certified by both the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), as a Senior Professional in Human Resources, and the National Association of Personnel Services, as a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC).


February 17, 2017

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Katie Roth