4 Ways PEOs Enable Nonprofits

Keeping a nonprofit productive and focused on strategic objectives and the overall mission isn’t an easy task for an executive director to undertake. Often times, it may feel like Mission: Impossible.

Tell us something you don’t know, right?

Budgets can be tight and cash available for top-notch employees to help further the mission are sometimes even tighter. Keeping a capable staff happy and moving in the right direction can be a formidable task, often one that can draw your attention away from focusing on the objective at hand.

That’s why a PEO is often a great fit for nonprofits.

PEO stand for Professional Employer Organization and they enable nonprofits to cost-effectively outsource the management of their human resources needs, including employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation. In an industry with a 19% turnover rate, a PEO provides nonprofits with the strategies to find and keep talent, providing them an edge to meet their mission.

Here are just a few ways a PEO is a great fit for nonprofits.

Mission Minded

For a nonprofit, mission is everything. Executive directors aren’t hired for their HR skills. They are hired to raise awareness and funds to fulfill the mission of the organization. A PEO lets you focus on what’s important, while managing the tactical side of HR.

Attract Top Talent

Let’s be honest – nonprofits aren’t typically able to pay employees at the top end of the wage scale. This means you’re probably not able to provide employees with competitive benefits packages as well. Working with a PEO allows employees to have access to Fortune 500-quality benefits. We’re talking health, dental and life insurance, dependent care and 401(k) plans, to name a few. It can help set you apart from the competition.

Avoid Costly (Mis)Hires

Turnover is costly. Every bad hire is money out of the organization’s tight budget. A PEO’s HR experts help you make the right hire the first time. We help you ask the right questions and navigate the process to find candidates that are not only passionate about your mission but have the skills to do the job.

Problems Diffused

When an executive director wears multiple hats – think strategy, HR, fundraising, compliance, marketing – a detail can be missed here or there, and mistakes made. A PEO helps keep the eye on the ball and always makes sure the organization is doing right by their employees, local and federal employment regulations, and the mission. And, in the event of a key employee resigning, you’ll have stability in your entire HR, payroll and employee benefits processes and infrastructure.

In addition, when a problem does occur you’ll have the help you need immediately. Most organizations have an HR professional on their board serving as a volunteer, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be readily available or even have time in their schedule to solve the issue at hand. With a PEO as your partner, HR expertise is available when you need it most.

Oasis is a PEO provider you can trust with your nonprofit’s most valuable resources – your people. With a staff of more than 180 employees, including subject matter experts in human resources, payroll and tax administration, employee benefits and risk management, you’ll never find yourself unaware and unprepared to turn that Mission: Impossible to Mission: Possible.

Cynde Cronin

Cynde has been with Oasis, Paychex® Company since 1999, working in several sales roles. Currently, she is the Vice President of Business Development and works with small businesses and non-profit organizations. She is the current president of the Chrysalis Foundation, a member of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), and a member of the United Way Women's Leadership Conference. She holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Des Moines Area Community College. In her free time, Cynde enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, her husband, and volunteering at the Animal Rescue League, Foodbank of Iowa, The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, and many other projects around her home of Adel.


August 10, 2018

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Cynde Cronin