Creating a Path for Employee Retention

Many of us have worked for organizations that seem to have a revolving door installed in the Human Resources department. Employees coming and going at a breakneck pace, making it harder and harder for the entire team to be successful. The costs associated with this kind of turnover impact the organization deeply and can be hard to recover from.

It’s even more impactful for senior living organizations as they work to serve occupants and their families. The key to every department is the employees that make it run day in and day out – that’s surely not news to you. What may be news to you is why your employees choose to move on from your organization and how you can stop it.

Upward Momentum

Believe it or not, money is not the main reason people move on from their positions. According to the Randstad Survey, the largest percentage of employees leaving their jobs do so because of a lack of career growth opportunities. These employees felt they weren’t going to move up, so they decided to move on.

If there’s no room for movement in the organization, that’s one thing. If these employees are leaving because they didn’t have a proper career path laid out before them, that is another. This highlights why senior living organizations need to enhance retention strategies and be transparent with career paths. Employees want an opportunity to ride the elevator to the top. Knowing how to do so will keep them out of that revolving door.

Bold Benefits

Although it’s not number one, money is still a factor that plays a role in why employees leave for other options. A lack of benefits in their overall compensation package is as well. Enhancing your employees’ package, beyond just offering a competitive salary, is a great way to keep them satisfied and engaged in their job. Having the opportunity to offer great benefits like medical, dental, vision, disability, life and 401(k) plan can give you the leg up you need in retaining employees.

Wrong Piece to the Puzzle

Sometimes, an employee has to move on because they just weren’t the right fit for the job in the first place. Whether it was an unclear job posting or the position was more than they bargained for, the blame isn’t squarely on them. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a full understanding of your employment needs and communicating and promoting them appropriately. There is nothing worse than hiring a great employee, only for them to walk out the door because your recruiting and hiring strategies did not give a clear depiction of your organization and the position. 

It's no secret that finding great talent is challenging, and keeping that talent can even be more difficult for some organizations, specifically in a workforce shortage like senior living. Be sure to find out what is working well with your greatest employees, and continue to improve upon this and work to fill any gaps before they are on their way out.


Stephanie Cox

Stephanie Cox is a Recruiter, Talent Acquisition for Oasis, a Paychex® Company and specializes in recruiting C-level Executives and other high level positions from Human Resources to Sales and Marketing. She grew up in West Des Moines and attended Central College in Pella, Iowa. She loves being a recruiter because she enjoys getting to know candidates and helping them achieve goals in their career path. Stephanie is married to Spencer Cox with four children. In her free time, she enjoys coaching youth softball and running around to her kids' activities.


October 16, 2018

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Stephanie Cox