Increase Revenue With This Human Resources Strategy

Have you ever thought about your organization’s human resources revenue strategy? Changing your current perspective on HR processes can create a real strategic advantage for your organization.

This paradigm shift from HR as a cost center to a revenue source may sound foreign, but hear me out.

This strategy focuses on employee revenue; in other words, it’s focusing on how efficient and effective your employees are and how your organization can receive the best return on your employees.

HR industry research shows that organizations that use PEO services experience revenues that are eight to nine percent greater than organizations that don’t.

If done right, strategic HR processes can help you select the right people, develop talent, and produce the leaders of the future.

There’s a direct correlation between employee performance and growth revenue, so how you invest in your employees and bring out the best in them is essential in continuing to be successful.

Life Cycle of an Employee

Whether you realize it or not, every employee goes through the same life cycle at an organization.

We’ve identified 166 core processes in the employee life cycle, and they can be broken down into nine distinct categories:

  1. Talent selection
  2. Talent onboarding
  3. Talent management
  4. Talent development
  5. Benefits management
  6. Employee administration
  7. Talent transition
  8. Liability management
  9. Compliance

The first four have to deal with employees directly, and those are the areas that we associate with impacting revenue growth.

This week, we’re going to go into detail about these first four stages of the employee life cycle, and explain how each one relates to HR as a revenue strategy.

The Plan

We’ll talk about the following components in a series of blog posts throughout the week:

  • Business Strategy Goal Alignment
  • Workplace Culture and Engagement
  • Redefining the Employee Experience

Make sure you follow along all week to learn more about the strategy behind your HR processes and identify innovative ways to keep your organization ahead of the competition.

Ned Flynn

Ned Flynn is the Senior Manager, Business Development, at Oasis, a Paychex® Company, where he's led sales efforts since 2015. As a graduate of Indiana University, Kelley School of Business, with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Ned's unique combination of financial acumen, entrepreneur-ism, and human resources has helped Oasis achieve predictable, consistent, and profitable growth.


August 21, 2017

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Ned Flynn