The Recruiter Partnership: The Low-Risk, High-Return Relationship You Need

When in the market for new talent, most companies still lean toward more conventional means for filling a position. They’ll post their job out on the web, collecting as many resumes as possible in a short amount of time. Then they’ll interview the best of that pool. If nobody rises to the top, they’ll do it all over again.

 It’s really an inefficient method when you think about it. You’re banking on the right employee being out of work (or looking for a different job) at the exact right time and looking in the exact right place. For someone you’re planning to invest in as an employee, and is expected to help grow your business, it seems to be a risky proposition.

More and more companies have been kicking that school of thought to the curb in favor of utilizing the services of a seasoned recruiter. Partnering with a recruiter, as opposed to those traditional means that most companies still employ, truly entering into a low-risk, high-reward relationship. You have so much to gain and so little to lose. Below are three ways organizations can benefit from building a recruiter relationship.

Their Job is to Know Your Business

The great thing about utilizing a recruiter is they make it their business to know yours. As a trusted partner, they get to know your needs and culture to not only help you in the present but build a relationship for your long-term future needs as well.

With an expansive recruiting network, they can find the best talent available that meets your specific needs – not just the best of what’s actively looking. Recruiters have the connections to contact those highly sought-after employees that are busy at work with your competitors, not just busy looking for work. They can help to sell your organization and the opportunity at hand, while you continue focusing on your business.

Time Savings

Recruiters can save you a boat-load of time, and time is money. Not only do they save your employees time searching through resumes, setting up interviews, interviewing candidates and then the back-and-forth that comes along with it, they know what red flags to look for to keep from wasting time on problem prospects.

Recruiters also have a tried-and-true process that they follow that has been successful. They know how to get straight to the needs and abilities of candidates and how they match up with your company. Once hired, they’ll save you time in the onboarding process as they help your candidate transition from their old job to their new one.

Cost Effective

When working with a recruiter, there’s no cost to you until you find the candidate you need. In addition to the money you’re going to save on your internal time and resources, you’ll see savings due to less turnover. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, it costs six to nine months’ salary to replace a salaried employee. The recruiting expertise that becomes available to you in this partnership, allows you to receive the highest quality candidates. That’s far better than quantity any day. 

Stephanie Cox

Stephanie Cox is a Recruiter, Talent Acquisition for Oasis, a Paychex® Company and specializes in recruiting C-level Executives and other high level positions from Human Resources to Sales and Marketing. She grew up in West Des Moines and attended Central College in Pella, Iowa. She loves being a recruiter because she enjoys getting to know candidates and helping them achieve goals in their career path. Stephanie is married to Spencer Cox with four children. In her free time, she enjoys coaching youth softball and running around to her kids' activities.


September 21, 2018

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Stephanie Cox