HR Solutions Help Management Company Grow and Scale

Cappella Living Solutions, a senior living management company, finds major benefits in partnering with Oasis to receive quality and reliable HR services.

Life is constantly changing. Every day we get a little older, and hopefully, a little wiser. Senior living management companies, like Cappella Living Solutions (CLS), work to make the later stages of life rich and meaningful for older adults of all backgrounds. They do this by consulting, managing, and developing senior living communities that help enrich and strengthen the quality of life for older adults. By providing their proven leadership and expertise, CLS gives senior living communities the tools and insights they need to be successful and grow.


CLS, an offshoot of Christian Living Communities (CLC), began operations in 2014. With two communities under management and two more opening later this year, CLS is already off to a successful start. As a new startup, Jeff Trout, Vice President of Finance at CLS, knew they had to make immediate decisions about their HR department, so CLS began considering whether to use CLC’s HR services, hire an HR person and start from scratch, or outsource their HR needs.

A key factor for CLS during this decision-making process was finding a solution that would easily provide employee benefits across multiple markets. They found outsourcing offered the best solution.

“When you have an existing community, you have to transition, but when you’re in start up mode, you’re creating as you go,” said Trout.


After weighing all of their options, CLS decided to partner with Oasis.

“Oasis' reputation in the senior living industry, and everything that they offer with HR solutions, is what made us choose them,” said Trout. Not only did Oasis provide the expertise and reliability that CLS needed, but it also allowed CLS to be more efficient and have more time to work on their core business.

“We liked the ability to plug in all of Oasis' HR solutions so that we didn’t have to go through all of that and build it ourselves,” explained Trout.

Oasis stepped in and immediately assisted them with payroll, benefits administration, risk management, and other essential HR services. With Oasis, CLS also gained the ability to scale, which is extremely important to senior living management companies as they grow and start additional senior living communities. For that reason, CLS also agreed to partner with Oasis on any future communities.

“The process with Oasis has been very simple and quick,” said Trout. “Oasis has been out to visit, walking us through everything, filling out forms for us, and even making themselves available for the implementation.”

CLS and Oasis keep in contact on a regular basis to make sure everything is moving along accordingly and everyone is on the same page for a smooth transition.


Since partnering with Oasis, CLS has benefited by having more time to focus on their core areas of business.

“Having Oasis manage our HR saves us time overall,” said Trout. “Now we don’t have to put together benefit offerings, which was very challenging, and can focus on managing and opening new communities.”

Along with more time, CLS has also gained a new long-term partner in Oasis for all of their future communities.

“Right now we’re in the development phase, where we’re growing and moving our business forward,” said Trout. “As we continue to accomplish our clients’ goals and needs, Oasis is going to be, and already has been, a huge benefit to our organization.”

CLS can now focus on growing their business and satisfying their clients, instead of worrying about HR issues, such as benefit administration and payroll.