Improved Onboarding Efficiency: HR Solutions for the Transition Phase

Start-up senior living developer and operator, Navion Senior Solutions, sought a partner to assist in the transition period of newly acquired communities with efficient and quality human resources solutions. 

For any business, operational efficiency is key. For a booming industry, such as senior living, it’s critical to get communities up and running as soon as possible, to begin serving residents and developing additional properties.

Navion Senior Solutions helps senior living communities develop and function efficiently, consulting with senior living start-up communities and providing technology that improves operations. Their mission is to improve the lives of all the residents that they serve by offering the best senior living options and technologies possible.


Even though they are a start-up company, Navion Senior Solutions is a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience in the senior living industry. As a new business, they knew that they needed their human resources functions to be operational rather quickly, but they didn’t want to take the time or the money to build their own HR department. Instead, they began to look for organizations that could offer a scalable HR infrastructure.

“Oasis took the time to understand our process, and made us feel like we mattered,” explained Ted Turner, Navion Senior Solutions Chief Operating Officer. “We were specifically looking for an HR partner that could smoothly guide us through the transition phase."

“We have two communities up and running with others on the way. We needed someone that can grow with us, and Oasis fit that perfectly,” said Turner.


Leaders from Navion Senior Solutions and Oasis had many meetings, in-person and over the phone, to get to know each other and figure out exactly what the Raleigh, North Carolina-based start up needed for quick and efficient HR onboarding.

“Oasis has done a great job keeping us informed and letting us know what we needed to do,” said Turner.

As Navion entered the transition phase, which is the preparation period for getting a senior living community operational, Oasis collected all of the organization’s current human resources information and created a project plan that encompassed all HR-related requirements necessary for conversion.

This consisted of numerous, detailed tasks spanning the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment through separation. This process culminated with live employee meetings to onboard each person, as well as enroll them in employee benefits. Overall, this solution eased any concerns that employees had, and allowed them to focus on their jobs.

“Oasis was ready to help us right away,” said Turner. “From day one of the acquisition, they were out in full force. Working with Oasis has been a very good experience, and overall, the transitions have been very smooth.”


Transitioning Navion Senior Solutions required a lot of work up front, but it has been very beneficial to them in the long run.

“Ultimately, Oasis helps us take care of our residents and our business,” explained Turner. “Now we don’t have to worry about HR issues or processes that are going on in the background.

“As we grow and continue to implement new communities, it makes our decisions easier, knowing that we have this established process to help us. Oasis' benefits packages could also save us money as we look at new acquisitions in different states in the future.”

Overall, Oasis' human resources support through the transition phase has allowed Navion Senior Solutions to focus on providing state-of-the-art senior living solutions and improving people’s lives.

“Utilizing Oasis gives us time to focus on our residents, and we don’t have to worry about the transition process every time we help new communities,” said Turner.